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15 Temmuz 2021 Perşembe

    What is Stretch Film? How is Stretch Film Manufactured?

    What is Stretch Film? How is Stretch Film Manufactured?



                Stretch film is one of the most important materials of today’s plastic world. As Plast Uno company, we; Just like silage film, silage Wrap, cling film and pallet wrap, produce the highest quality stretch films for you. As you know, stretch film is used in many places from daily housework to furniture industry and from glassware industry to glass transportation. In order for the stretch film to be used in all these industries in accordance with its purpose, it must be produced in a very high quality. In other words, only high quality stretch films ensure that the packaged products remain fixed. For this reason, as Plast Uno company, we take care to produce high quality stretch films for you. So what are Plast Uno stretch films and how are Plast Uno stretch films produced? Let’s answer these questions.

    What is Stretch Film?

                Stretch film is a transparent plastic product produced to prevent the interaction of furniture, glassware or food materials with air. In other words, stretch film is a transparent plastic product that is used by wrapping the material to prevent the material from contacting air. Stretch films show size and variety according to their intended use and location, examples of which are hand stretch for use in the kitchen at home, expanded stretch film for parcel packaging.

    How is Stretch Film Manufactured?

                As Plast Uno, we produce the most durable and quality stretch films for you by applying the techniques that you can see below:

                PlastUno stretch films are produced from alpha-olefin, the most common wrapping material, by casting or blowing methods. The resin melted in the blowing method is produced by blowing with an air-cooled blowing machine. This process is long and expensive, but as PlastUno, we produce our cling films by following these stages in order to keep the product quality at the highest level.

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