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Plast Uno Silage Wrap



One of the plastic products produced by our company Plast Uno is silage wrap. Silage wrap is a magnificent product that increases productivity in the agricultural sector because silage wrap is an agricultural stretch film used for silage, feed mixture, straw and corn storage and protection, especially in geographies where fresh feed is limited or animal grazing is difficult.

As Plast Uno company, we are aware of the importance of silage wrap production. Therefore, We produce the best quality silage wrap. In this way, we give our customers the chance to purchase the best silage wrap. Below you can see and examine in detail the features and dimensions of Plast Uno silage wrap, which is produced in the best way for you.

Features of Plast Uno Silage Wrap

  • Plast Uno Silage Wrap is resistant to high impact, tear and puncture.
  • Plast Uno Silage Wrap is produced in a completely recyclable way.
  • Plast Uno Silage Wrap is produced in ISO 9001 standards.
  • Plast Uno Silage Wrap has different color options.
  • Plast Uno Silage Wrap has Co-ex technology. This sauna has superior durability and quality.
  • Plast Uno Silage Wrap provides the best fermentation with its excellent adhesion feature.
  • Plast Uno Silage Wrap is air and moisture proof.
  • With its special UV stabilizer, Plast Uno Silage Wrap is resistant to harmful sun rays for 1 year.

            You can buy Plast Uno silage wraps both packaged and unpackaged. The decision is entirely up to you, that is; the customer. As Plast Uno company, we offer premium films of silage wrap between 1500 and 2600 m per reel. In this way, there will be more meters per reel and as a result productivity of silage wrap per reel will increase.

            You can visit our website to purchase silage wrap, which has all these superior features…

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