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Silage Film of Plast Uno



As Plast Uno, one of the companies that produce innovative and high quality products in the plastic industry, we continue to produce products that will make your life easier in all areas of life. As Plast Uno, one of the areas where we make your life easier is the agricultural sector. We increase productivity in the agriculture and livestock sector with the Plast Uno silage wrap and Plast Uno silage film products we produce.

Now let’s get more detailed information about the features of this product, namely Plast Uno Silage Film, which causes increased productivity in a lot of sectors…

Advantages of Plast Uno Silage Film

  • Plast Uno silage film Preserves the nutritional value of silage and prevents unwanted fermentation process
  • Plast Uno silage film minimizes the risk of silage decay in bad weather
  • Plast Uno silage film improves the nutritional value of silage during storage
  • Silage covered with high density Plast Uno silage stretch film can be easily digested by ruminant animals.

Benefits of Plast Uno Silage Film

  • Plast Uno silage film is low cost. Therefore, there is no need to separate storage tanks or storage tanks for silage.
  • Plast Uno silage film is durable, does not deteriorate even when exposed to high UV radiation and agricultural chemicals.
  • Plast Uno silage film works well even at very high temperatures, does not rupture, dry or fall off.
  • Plast Uno silage film reduces the amount of waste silage and reduces costs.

Properties of Plast Uno Silage Film

  • Plast Uno silage film has excellent mechanical properties.
  • Plast Uno silage film is resistant to bad weather conditions.
  • The high adhesion quality of the film gives maximum adhesion to the Plast Uno silage film, providing excellent air tightness in every bale.

You can visit our website to purchase silage film with all these quality features…

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