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What is Pallet Wrap? How is Pallet Wrap Manufactured?

What is Pallet Wrap? How is Pallet Wrap Manufactured?

Mart 8, 2021 15:02
What is Pallet Wrap? How is Pallet Wrap Manufactured?



            Today’s world is the plastic world … A plastic product is produced directly or indirectly for products in almost every sector in our life. As PlastUno, we produce quality plastic products that can be used in all areas of your life for you. One of these products we produce for you is undoubtedly the pallet trap… Pellet trap, which is increasingly used today; It is a product used in almost every sector, especially in the automotive, household appliances and glassware sectors. Well, what exactly is this pallet wrap and how is pallet wrap produced? Let’s answer these questions for you.

What is Pallet Wrap?

            Pallet wrap is a name given to the stretched plastic packaging film that allows various materials to be packaged in bulk and tightly. Thanks to its elastic structure, pallet wrap ensures that the packaged products are gathered tightly. Pallet wrap is the most preferred product for large-scale enterprises because robustness is very important in the packaging process for large businesses and pallet wrap, thanks to its structure, allows robust packaging required by large enterprises. Thanks to Pallet wrap, no breakage, scratch or crush occurs during the transportation of your products. Pallet wrap; It protects your products against dirt, dust and other types of damage as well as breaking, scratching and crushing that may occur during transportation. So how is pallet wrap produced? Let’s have information about this topic too.

How is Pallet Wrap Manufactured?

            Pallet Wrap, in other words pallet stretch film, is generally produced in 17 microns or 23 microns. However, as PlastUno company, we are able to produce all pallet wraps between 12 and 46 microns. In this way, with PlastUno pallet wraps, we help protect even your heaviest loads during transportation. You can visit the plastUno site to see the best pallet wraps.

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