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Usage Areas of Stretch Film

Usage Areas of Stretch Film

Mart 8, 2021 15:17
Usage Areas of Stretch Film



            In today’s plastic world, we use many plastic materials both at home, at work and during transportation. One of these widely used materials in everyday life in almost every home is stretch film. Stretch film, which is used in home use as well as at moving, prevents the transported materials from being damaged. For this reason, stretch film is used in many sectors in today’s world. In this article, we will share with you some of the industries where stretch film is used. It is enough to continue reading to learn in which industries the stretch films produced by Plast Uno are used in a very robust manner.

            Furniture Industry: Just like pallet wrap, one of the industries where stretch film is most commonly used is the furniture industry because furniture materials the basis of any moving process and a stretch film is required to protect the furniture.

Glassware Sector: The items most likely to be broken or damaged during transportation, along with the furniture, are glassware items. For this reason, it is necessary to cover the glassware items with stretch film in order to protect them against breaking, scratching and crushing before any transportation process. As a result, stretch film is also frequently used in the glassware industry.

The industries where stretch film is used are not just furniture and glassware. In addition to these 2 industries, there are many sectors where stretch film is used, especially in our home life. For example, stretch film is also frequently used in the white goods sector. Whichever sector it is used in, the main purpose of the stretch film is to ensure that the packaged products remain fixed. As Plast Uno, we produce quality stretch films suitable for this purpose and help protect your products everywhere.

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